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PRDG "Recital Shout-outs"

PRDG wishes to thank all of our parents, staff and students on a “Gold Metal” performance. There are a few individuals that we want to spotlight:

PRDG Staff: these instructors spend countless hours teaching classes, choreographing and staging each routine for our recitals. Miss Artie & Miss Veronice appreciate their dedication and love of students. Shout out to Miss Kristin for designing our “Go for Gold” recital logo.

Miss Marilee, Miss Bridget, Miss Artie , Miss Veronice,

Miss Peyton, Miss Kristin

  • Mr. Garvel Kindrick: Garvel has 2 daughters that danced with PRDG for years then went on to high school and college dance teams. He still volunteers as our Sound Engineer and Announcer. He runs our music at every rehearsal and keeps us on track back stage. We couldn’t do it without Garvel……Thanks so much

  • Mr.Bret Devers: our fabulous prop building dad (and assists with lighting). We tell him what we need and he builds it, paints it and it appears in our studio in less than a week! Not sure what’s in store for next year but it’s gonna be BIG…..but don’t tell Bret! Thanks Mr. Devers
  • Mr. & Mrs. Spohr: Daneen assists all year when Miss Artie needs help at the Parks desk and at rehearsals running the ticket and info table. Mr. Spohr gets the “Lucky” job of being our curtain puller!

Thanks Spohr family!

  • Marsha Hamby: Marsha is Miss Bridget’s mom and has been our Backstage monitor for at least 15 years. She runs the backstage area for every dress rehearsals and recital! Somehow Marsha always manages the cafeteria dressing room, Dance Company dressing rooms, gets all classes onstage for their numbers and lined up for Finale’. Not sure how she does it and stays so calm….. “Marsha Magic”! Thanks Marsha

  • TA’s: Miss Abby, Miss Nicole, Miss Megan, Miss Anna, Miss Ashley, Miss Emily, Miss Elizabeth, Miss Macy.

These young ladies are an inertial part of our program all year long. They assist dance instructors with teaching, setting up the classroom, and helping individual students in class. They are such wonderful role models for our little ones! We wish our Seniors, Abby & Nicole, good luck at UK and EKU this Fall! Thanks so much to all of our TA’s!

ShowMoms: WOW ….so much to say! We really

“Couldn’t do it without you”! They work with us the last month in class, stay with students at rehearsals and recitals in the cafeteria and dressing rooms, assist in numerous bathroom breaks, wipe noses, dry tears, fix costumes, monitor snacks, pick up crayons, and make this the most exciting dance experience for all of our students! Plus they get to do it TWICE! We LOVE our ShowMoms! 

Rebecca Allen, Julie Biddle, Teresa Boll, Rachel Carr, Jessica Carty, Katie Cohick, Jessi Cremer, Lana Hotchkiss, Brandy Jones, Karen Juett, Erin Kays, Hilary Keller, Brandy Lawson, Meredith Mallory, Bethanie Manley, Nalo Mason, Kari Mitts, Michelle Morgan, Lee Ann Mullis, Shannon Rogers, Amy Ruber, Debra Schilder, Desti Stimes, Jessica Stith, Kim Weaver, Jennifer Yoshizawa, Kelly Young

PRDG Performing Arts Companies (PAC)

These young ladies study dance for several years before auditioning for PAC. They take 2 -5 hours of classes a week and 6 Saturday workshops a year. The Mini, Jr. and Sr. Companies perform at “Thrilled to Give”, Christmas parade, 4th of July parade, Western Elementary Art’s Day, numerous ballgames, Toyota Classic, PRDG Gymnastics recital, and many community festivities. Auditions are held in May.

Fall Registration: 2016

We are currently working on expanding our class offerings for 2016-2017. Every year PRDG looks at ways we can better serve our gymnastics and dance students. We listen to our parents, meet with staff, and evaluate the possibilities. These are a few new features:

  • Online registration as well as desk registration: we are working on launching online registration at the beginning of August (or earlier).
  • Age leveled Hip Hop classes
  • Gymnastics classes offered more than one day a week. We are also looking at the possibility of offering an “open gym”!
  • Dance team technique class

Have a wonderful summer vacation. PRDG looks forward to seeing you in the Fall.

“Kick it Up”

Miss Artie: director

Miss Veronice: assistant director

[email protected]

Twitter: prdancegym

Instagram: prdancegym

Tumblr: prdancegym